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Since the 13th century, the "nautical chart" with different descriptions of and for seafarers has...

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SEAiq – An S-100 Data Trailblazer

As the S-100 era emerges on the horizon, promising to supply hydrographic and maritime communities...

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S-101 ENC: What It Is, Why It is Important and When it Becomes Available

Existing S-57 based Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) will gradually be replaced by a new...

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The Benefits of the New S-101 Standard for Maritime End-Users

The new S-100 standard is under development, promising to support a wide variety of hydrographic...

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IHO S-129 - test proves situational achievements in maritime operation

The S-100 Demonstrator project proves in an operational test how new technology can be used in...

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S-100 Data – Not Only for Navigation

S-100 data can generate significant value not only for navigation but for the maritime industry as...

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Helping the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Leverage S-100 Data

With the help of the Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) and PRIMAR, the Canadian Hydrographic Service...

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How S-100 Data Enabled the Safe Port Approach of the World’s Largest Crane Vessel

S-100 data collected and made available by the Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) helped the world’s...

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S-100 Data: What It Is, How It Works and Why You Should Care

After decades of using S-57 data for navigation, a new generation of digital products and services...

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