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S-100: The Digitalization of Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability at Sea

The story of charts and hydrographic data in recent decades is the story of digitalization. Standing on the threshold of the ...
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Helping the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Leverage S-100 Data

With the help of the Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) and PRIMAR, the Canadian Hydrographic Service...

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How S-100 Data Enabled the Safe Port Approach of the World’s Largest Crane Vessel

S-100 data collected and made available by the Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) helped the world’s...

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Supporting S-100 Products in Navigation Software: A Call to Action for Marine System Developers

As the maritime industry enters the S-100 Decade, developing support for S-100 datasets and...

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S-100 Data: What It Is, How It Works and Why You Should Care

After decades of using S-57 data for navigation, a new generation of digital products and services...

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Test data and connection setup for PRIMAR
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